Privremeni lock down platformi za izradu chatbotova na Messengeru

Zbog nedavnih incidenata koji su se desili na Facebooku, Messenger je onemogućio spajanje chatbotova na nove Facebook stranice. Za sve postojeće stranice koje su povezane s chatbotom sve je isto kao i prije i botovi normalno funkcioniraju.

Prenosimo obavijest u cijelosti:

You may have already heard the news: in an effort to guarantee the best user experience possible, Facebook is doubling down on data security, and recently announced they’ll be making changes to their Messenger policies.

In the meantime, they’ll be pausing their bot review process.

What does it mean for chatbot developers and users?

Basically, for all existing pages that are already connected to any chatbot building platform it’s business as usual.

Your bots should function as they did prior to this update, and no action is required on your side. You were one of the first businesses to get on the Messenger train, and you should be proud of yourself!

If you want to connect a new Facebook page to chatbot building platform, you’ll have to wait until Facebook updates their policies. Until they do so, you won’t be able to connect new pages to your account.

We expect this “pause” should take no longer than 1-2 weeks.

This update will go into effect in the next few hours and stay there for 1-2 weeks. Then back to normal with updates to the policies, guidelines and maybe some APIs.

Dakle, ako ste planirali spojiti chatbota sa svojom stranicom ili stranicom svog klijenta, požurite se!

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