Introducing New Ways for Partners to Support Businesses Advertising on Facebook

We’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes succeed on Facebook. And since we know businesses face different challenges when it comes to digital advertising, we have a network of experts in the Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) program, as well as others in the agency community, that are available to help businesses tackle their toughest marketing challenges.

Today, we’re hosting hundreds of partners, including agencies, technology companies and consulting firms in New York City for our annual Global Partner Summit. We’re also introducing new ways for partners to support businesses.

Launching Creative Compass

Creative Compass is an innovative tool that provides us with a quick, non-biased review of creative. As we continue to scale mobile-optimized creative globally, the ability to diagnose positives and negatives of ad creative across regions empowers us to make accurate creative decisions for different cultures. Meaningful and standardized reporting like this is fast and convenient, and we can quickly learn if what we’re doing works.

Jonathan Hendriksen, 
Founder & CEO, Shuttlerock


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