How to create awesome chatbot with 3D models

I will show you how to have 3D models in your chatbot 🤖 so it will look awesome!

First go to In Search field type “burger alban” and choose model with burger and fries.

We are here now:

Under 3D model picture click on “Embed” 

After that in pop up window check all this fields:
– Autostart
– Animated entrance
– Turntable animation
– Preload textures

Then, down on the bottom of pop up window click on Embed code to copy it.

Open Notepad and paste code you just copied from Sketchfab. Use only selected part of code.
(see picture below from Notepad)

Go to Manychat, open or create a new flow, create a button with destination to website. Paste url you just copied as destination.

Publish and Preview.

You have deliver fresh looking food right into your chatbot 🙂

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