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Novi – Digital Wallet from Facebook

[Facebook Update] “What if sending money to someone was as simple as sending a message?”

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Facebook Spaces available for download

Two years ago when I told my colleagues at work that one day they will operate and talk Live with

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Facebook Update

Fresh, new updates from Facebook 🤩🤩🤩

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Buttons and Quick Replies in Whatsapp for Business?

😮🤩 Yes, that would come in handy when you wanna build a rich chatbot.

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Dani komunikacija 2020

Bluesun Hotels & Resorts and Httpool just won a prize at Dani komunikacija in category Direct Response and Lead Generation

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Augmented Reality on Google – the future of ecommerce

Augmented Reality on Google. This is the future of ecommerce 😀

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Bluesun Hotels & Resorts – Increasing hotel bookings with chatbot on Messenger

And finally, here it comes, Facebook case study for Bluesun hotels. Together with teams from Bluesun (Kresimir Drvar) and Httpool